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Make use of the opportunities AI presents Without the technology or talent headache.

BotX is bringing a combination of custom AI solutions together with a cutting edge technology platform to make AI accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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Custom AI development services + PAAS

Validate Your AI Project Within 2 Weeks, Then Scale With Confidence.

You would end with your AI ideas and tactics shaped and pilot projects delivered. You will be able to advocate your ROI.

Custom AI development services + PAAS

Remove Your AI Bottlenecks. Talent Or Technology Caused.

You would operationalize and scale your AI/ML projects in the cloud, improve the accuracy of models, and get compliant with laws and regulations.


Build Complex AI/ML Apps In Days With Little Or No-code.

Our state-of-the-art technology gives citizen AI developers all they need to build complex AI solutions.

We’ve Worked 21,520 Hours For You Already

Traditional methods of AI development require extensive resources and planning. Both on the technology and people side. That is why we have put more than 21,520 hours on top of cutting-edge 3rd party technologies to make sure we give you a head start.

Delivering Value Globally In These Industries

On the market since 2019.


Capital Markets

ESG Media Monitoring



Cost Estimation


Legal & Compliance

Trademark Protection



Procurement planning



Workflow automation



Voice recognition

Solve Real Business Challenges With Data And AI

Reduce costs, grow revenue, build competitive advantage, reduce risk.

You should put your data at work for you.

Tabular or unstructured data Tabular or unstructured data
Text data Text data
Images Images

However, the collection and cleaning of data is a tedious task. Based on several sources, this task often takes up to 80% of total project implementation time. That is why we have automated a large part of this process. For your deep learning projects.

Machine & deep learning

Use complex algorithms with structured and unstructured data to model and predict the future, gain insights, or make automated decisions.

Natural language processing

Mine data from text documents, classify, search, analyze sentiment, answer questions, or summarize dialogues. Multilanguage support.

Computer vision

Analyze images or videos to understand patterns, identify objects, spot anomalies, monitor processes, and more.

Workflow automation

Combine various methods to automate workflows which normally require human judgment.

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