Artificial Intelligence Platform

Sophisticated Conversations Robots, Cognitive Diagrams with advanced AI features, Seller Robots, and much more..

Robots & Features

AI Automation & Deep Learning

Be creative and design your own robot using cognitive diagrams. All in our interactive online training editors. It's powerful & fun

Conversations Robot

Advanced conversations. Simple online training and progressive learning editors including conversational contexts

Seller Robot

Product recommendations for your customers. Always show or communicate relevant items. Integrate on your e-commerce, email etc.

Visual Recognition

Our robots have eyes and ears. We can react to all sorts of inputs and nicely compose everything into a single intelligent agent

Voice Assistant

Our robots can listen to your voice and suggest you an advice or perform actions as you speak. Great not only for call centers

Industry Application

We can assess your company processes and come up with individual AI model that will help you do the business much more effectively

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How It Works

This takes just 2 minutes - from nothing to simple automated conversation with basic AI automation
Cognitive diagram can do much more though

Why BotX

  • Cognitive Diagrams

    Cognitive diagram allows you to design advanced AI models. This is where your creativity can do magic

  • Help your company

    There is no doubt about the possibility of making your company more effective thanks to the AI. BotX will find that spot.

  • Save your money

    Robots are perfect for technical support or any other sort of questions. You can save a lot of time here.

  • Integration

    We know it must be easy to use and simple to integrate into your website, email, mailchimp, facebook, Web API etc.

  • Simple To Use

    BotX is made for people. You don't need to be skilled engineer to use BotX. Sign up and enjoy.

  • Ongoing Research

    We do intensive research and experiment with all sorts of things, from deep learning to reward based robots etc.

Enjoy Your Life
..and let the robot take care of your business
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All of our functions and robots can be fully integrated into your system via our RESTful web api.

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Besides the greater revenues potential for your business you can also gain lots of time by delegating repetitive and time consuming work to the robots. All you need to do is to train your robot and then just use your free time to do other important work.

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