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Validate Your AI Idea In 2 Weeks And Scale With Confidence

Without the right resources and talent, AI/ML projects fail. In turn, failed projects damage the buy-in of both leaders and employees. Our fast iterative process allows you to find early wins, so you can build solid grounds for your AI-powered future.

Shape Your Ideas And Strategy With Us

Inappropriate expectations are one of the most quoted reasons for AI project failures. Let us guide you through your thinking so we can ideate complex solutions while keeping an eye on feasibility.

Have Data Collected Quickly And Cleaned Automatically

AI systems are built on high-quality data. However, we know, that it is OK to sacrifice precision to prove a point. We collect required data quickly and prepare them for processing with our automated set routines. In many projects, we have employed public or 3rd party data, too.

Get early results in days

We usually start with deep learning models to show illustrative results that give you the confidence to keep going. We then progress to build advanced deep learning or custom models to achieve precision in the 98%+ range.

Run Apps From A Secure Cloud

Your AI apps need a place to live in. BotX is the environment for them to live cost-efficiently, and securely while at the same time performing super fast. Our servers are located in multiple locations and are compliant with required laws and regulations.

Launch Your Projects With Proven ROI And Task-Ready Precision

You’ll not need to give us a detailed list of requirements. That is right. No lengthy list of requirements. We’re used to ideating and shaping solutions with your ROI in mind to achieve the outcomes that will matter to your business.

You Can Achieve Your AI Ambitions Too

We help you start small, pick feasible problems, get knowledge quickly, learn fast and cheaply. Repeat. Succeed.

Before you know it, your next problem will be to build a process to capture more and more AI project ideas.

“We have achieved great results with the customer service solution BotX has developed. We have analyzed tens of thousands of conversations and built an advanced deep-learning support engine based on that. Although virtual assistants and conversation/chatbot solutions have been around for some time, we have not seen the advanced features BotX has natively in their AI/virtual assistant builder anywhere else in the market. We were able to train people with the BotX platform very fast so that we can make adjustments ourselves so we are happy with both, the service and the platform. Time saved, return on investment positive very fast.”
Libor Fuzy, Digital Marketing, Orange

All The Things You Need To Succeed

  • Professional team of AI experts
  • Superfast pilot solution and proof of ROI
  • Semi-automated data cleansing
  • Guidance on ideas and strategies
  • Iterative improvements in accuracy
  • Solution for complex scenarios
  • Compliant with laws and regulations
  • Precision to match business needs
  • Secure and high-performing cloud

See If We’re The Right Team For Your AI Project

Whether you are not sure about your needs or worry they are way too specific, we will help you shape your ideas and get to work quickly.

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We will have a pilot solution for you within 2 weeks or we’ve worked free for you*. That is the confidence we have gained with our past projects.

* Subject to any specific terms and conditions we agree in our contract

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