Custom AI Solutions For Companies That Need To Scale AI

Finally, get past pilot projects and ahead with new disruptive AI applications.

  • without the pain of hiring AI/ML talent
  • with business grade accuracy, speed and security
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Remove Your AI Bottlenecks. Caused By Talent Or Technology

Building the processes and infrastructure for scaling AI takes years. When you try to go faster, you risk too many mistakes and inefficient spending. At BotX, we make sure you can make use of the AI opportunities out there efficiently and faster. Repeatedly.

Cooperate With A Team Of AI Researchers And Experts

From strategic guidance to hands-on model development, data collection, data cleansing or environment set-up.

  • Tap into years of experience from successfully delivered projects
  • Avoid the hustle and costs of hiring an AI/ML team

Scale On Cutting Edge AI Cloud Infrastructure

Powerful machines, best-in-class availability, tested and verified security.

  • Get Computing power that handles complex AI with ease
  • Process large volumes of data in real-time

Have New Use-Cases Developed And Tested Rapidly With BOTX AI Platform

Tools to build AI models faster than ever before. Or we build them for you. Faster, too.

  • Low-code / No-code development
  • Deep-learning with one click, literally
  • Pretrained models

Cost-efficient Solution To Your Advantage

BotX AI platform allows us to perform most tasks at a fraction of the time usually required. We share that benefit with you.

On top of that, our infrastructure is perfectly optimized for demanding AI/ML applications. We share that benefit with you too.

For the sake of our long-term partnership.

“We have achieved great results with the customer service solution BotX has developed. We have analyzed tens of thousands of conversations and built an advanced deep-learning support engine based on that. Although virtual assistants and conversation/chatbot solutions have been around for some time, we have not seen the advanced features BotX has natively in their AI/virtual assistant builder anywhere else in the market. We were able to train people with the BotX platform very fast so that we can make adjustments ourselves so we are happy with both, the service and the platform. Time saved, return on investment positive very fast.”
Libor Fuzy, Digital Marketing, Orange

You Can Do AI Like It Was Your Core Business

Exploit technology without the pain of doing and managing deep tech or data science work. And prevent your competition from getting ahead.

  • Rapid AI/ML development
  • AI/ML optimized computing power
  • AI/ML model risk mitigation features
  • Secure cloud
  • Cost efficient infrastructure
  • Professional AI development team
  • Flexibility and versatility of AI platform

All Businesses Are Different. Get In Touch To Discuss Your Solution

We will evaluate how we can best help you fast.

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