Industries across all segments can benefit from AI

Numbers speak for themselves. Check out how the comprehensive AI toolkit by BotX can help your business


Some of our customers improved the speed of internal processes delivery by up to 1,300%. Cognitive diagrams delivered the same results humans would in a fraction of time (requiring less than 1% of the time humans do) while preserving the work's quality.

Lots of data and a shortage of workforce

AI and deep learning can support the automation of different tasks, better predictions, and much faster results. It can also be combined with outputs of IoT sensors and improve the accuracy of the chosen action.

Continuous learning

All of our trainable AI nodes are subject to autonomous and continuous learning. Bots check new data every day (or at a given frequency) and run the continual training themselves. As a result, you can count on recent observations, facts, and data for your AI models.

Innovations lead to new profits

Dramatically reduced time required to deliver the important work led to millions of new profits and a significant competitive advantage for some of our clients. Why? Because if they can provide much more work while requiring the same time, they can generate new profits which they couldn't otherwise. Every business is different, and KPI may vary. The potential is tremendous, though. Let us know what your key performance indicators are, and perhaps we can help you find a potential solution too.

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