Neuro Interface

Our brain-computer interface combined with the power of BOTx cognitive diagrams, including deep-learning, offers almost unlimited possibilities.


Connect your brain with the AI and let the machine process, and read your mind - in the cloud. Extend your mind by allowing the AI to pick up your brain activity and control anything you wish. That's the core idea about Neuro Interface technology.

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Our brain-computer interface (BCI), combined with BOTx cognitive diagrams' power, including deep-learning to process the bio-signals, offers almost unlimited possibilities. The EEG devices are currently supported, and nothing stops us from integrating technologies such as Neuralink and others in the future. BOTx Neuro Interface technology results from our ongoing neuroscience & engineer research program.


What can we do

EEG itself provides small resolution and can't be used to detect deeper or more comprehensive mind thoughts. Our EEG source solution has been successfully tested on a simple application, for example, to test if a human mind is concentrated or relaxed.

Bluetooth Our EEG suppliers provide wireless technology streaming the brain waves via Bluetooth into a computer where our application picks up the signal and forwards it straight to the BOTx cognitive diagram (via our RESTfull API).

Bio-Signal Processing & Algorithms We use deep-learning to classify the brain waves. However, thanks to our cognitive diagram technology's maximum flexibility, we can experiment and use other statistical techniques as well. We take full advantage of our interactive data platform (DCS) to work with bio-data and manage the storage.

See the video About neuro-interface features and technology, the AI and the future.

The future


The EEG and similar bio-signal acquisition techniques provide a minimal amount of information. Future devices such as Neuralink are game-changers, though. Having maximum flexibility in programmability, reactions, or further signal processing will be an essential part of any brain-machine interface (BMI). BOTx cognitive diagrams with their neural interface capabilities provide a fantastic option for such a feat. They are effectively pushing the limits of a mind even further.

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