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With BotX, you get everything you need to deliver a world class online assistant, including a powerful and customizable embeddable widget, NLP engine, and seamless integration with the rest of the BotX tools. Our training editor allows you to design complex conversations. Seamless integration with the rest of the BotX tools makes our solution one of the most powerful on the market.

What do we mean by that? DCS can hold all your data, lead contacts, memorize conversations, learn etc. Cognitive diagrams can do practically everything, from sending emails to running custom code or calling neural network - if anyone asks the online assistant to do so during any moment of the conversation. If there is anything else you might ever need, which is not covered by built-in tools - there's always our JavaScript API. These and many other possibilities make the BotX one of the most flexible online assistant tool on the market.

Over 20% of all conversations end up becoming new lead contacts in your database or going through a whole conversation scheme and delivering the final message. Up to 60% of all conversations happen outside working hours (if we consider working hours between 9 AM to 5 PM). 23% of all completed conversations occur during weekends. Which underlines the significance the online assistant can have for businesses.

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Online Assistants Comparison

There are many chatbots and online assistants in the market provided by small or big companies. The number of features and capabilities ranges from a trivial non-NLP (without any machine learning) simple online widget to comprehensive NLP-backed engines with API and a rich set of possibilities. Since the BotX uses its own NLP-backed engine and offers a remarkable number of functions and unique approaches, the following table compares the alternatives in this category.

Other ProvidersBotX
NLP EngineYesYes
User-friendly online platformYesYes
Easily embeddable web widgetYesYes
Options suggestionYesYes
Web APIYesYes
Web hooks (backend API calls)YesYes
Database search(without coding)YesYes
Database update(without coding)NoYes
JavaScript API for client sideNoYes
Emails, functions(without coding)NoYes
CSS editor for design customizationsNoYes
Advanced AI model compositions(without coding;cognitive diagrams)NoYes
Deep learning connectors(without coding;cognitive diagrams)NoYes
Scheduled Executions & Training, Learning Editors For Progressive ImprovementsNoYes

We can design and prepare everything for you and your business

We can do everything for you. Including conversation design, process management, final delivery, and support. We have all the necessary know-how to deliver the world-class online assistant for you. Would you like to know more? Please send us a message and get world-class consulting for free. We will design the best online assistant for you and help your business grow.

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