Build modern systems on top of the cloud database

Reduced costs, better performance, built-in integration with AI tools, and subsequent quality boost among some of the reasons


Modernize your applications and build systems on top of the cloud database. Our DCS (Data Creativity System) provides all you need to quickly prototype and deliver ready-to-use database applications. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of the BotX tools and AI.

One solution, multiple components

Thanks to all of our tools' seamless internal integration, the DCS serves as a memory and storage to cognitive diagrams needs. Our platform works as one coherent package, and each component can communicate with another. Our customers benefit from this in cases when they need to use their data for qualitative purposes, such as running machine learning algorithms on top of their data or performing other actions right inside the cognitive diagrams.

DCS is not only about data storage

DCS cloud platform isn't only about data storage. Moreover, it provides business logic elements and functional parts like buttons, menus, file uploads, pictures, and many others. These features effectively mean that you can build whole interactive systems. Prototyping the proof of concepts is also rapid thanks to DCS. Are you interested if or how your business could benefit from our cloud data platform?Let us know.

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