Become as powerful as a whole AI squad. With or without an AI background.

BotX Low-code AI platform for citizen developers.

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Build Complex AI/ML Apps In Days With Low Or No-Code AI Platform

The value of data is immense. Yet it is impossible to unlock without data science and AI. BotX platform is like having AI Engineers and Data Scientists by your side so you can propel towards your AI-powered future.

Low-code/No-code AI development platform

No Coding Is Required To Start

Push in your data, create neural networks with one click or pick one of our pre-trained models from our NLP or computer vision libraries. Then simply use our predefined infrastructure set-up and click to launch the model so you can start getting insights and value from your data.

Cognitive model diagrams

Connect Multiple Models To Form One App

One AI model is a good start for most use-cases. However, complex scenarios can often be solved by connecting multiple models into one flow. With the BotX platform, you can create multi-agent models in an easy-to-use visual interface.

Data studio

Easily Manipulate Your Data With Simple UI

Import and transform your data with conventional operations such as advanced filtering, sorting, changing data types, or editing. In case of need, build queries with complete DML and DDL support.

Annotation studio (coming soon)

Train Your Models In A Drag-And-Drop Interface

All custom models need to be trained on your specific set of data to perform the function you desire. Training environment for images, text, and both tabular and unstructured data is coming soon to the BotX AI platform.

One Drag-And-Drop Environment To Develop, Run And Tweak Your AI Apps And Models

Based on Harvard Business Review, it took on average 12 tools in 2022 to build an AI model and another set of apps to run it. BotX replaces that all.

Live Support Team To Get You Going (Again)

Didn’t find what you were looking for in our knowledge base or documentation? Or just need an answer fast? Get in touch with our live support team.

Build Without An AI Background

Have you EVER used Zapier, created a query in MS Excel or Access, written a line of any programming language, or worked with a workflow diagram? Any of the likes? Then you are probably qualified enough to start with BotX too.

Video Tutorials
(Comming Soon)

Need to get up to speed quickly? Video tutorials that get you up to speed quickly. Examples of rapid AI model development, deployment, and monitoring are coming soon.

Get Value From AI Fast, Without The Thousands Of Hours Others Needed

  • Free trial
  • Live Support
  • Low-code / no code
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Workflow Automation
  • Simple Data Manipulation
  • Pretrained Models

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