AI-powered cost estimation solution for large construction projects.

Estimate construction costs in minutes not weeks

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Bid on more projects in a fraction of the time


Never miss another bid deadline

Participate in tenders that you were forced to pass on before. Finally, meet bid deadlines and still have the capacity to tackle other tasks.

Increase tender win rates and your profits

Better construction cost estimations allow for better pricing. As a result, come out as a winner from tenders more often than before.

Save days of manual data research and entry

Finally, focus on other vital parts of your proposal so you can make your bids really stand out.

Reduce cost estimate errors

Produce more accurate estimates, both per line items and totals for the project. At the same time, reduce your estimation error risk.


5x more RFP responses with the same team


Best in class cost estimate accuracy


Undisclosable amount of € in increased win rates

BotX has reduced the time to do large cost estimations from 3-4 weeks to 40-60 minutes.

They have also tripled the number of items in our database from around 500k to 1500k. We can update the costs whenever we desire to and make sure we stay up to date in today’s volatile environment.

CEO, a construction company with 100m USD in revenue 2021, anonymized

Fill in your cost estimation spreadsheets with ONE CLICK

BotX schema

Pull costs into your estimates with one click and AI

  • several thousand rows of your Excel files filled within minutes
  • AI matches line item names like a human, even if they are not worded the same
  • works with any Excel structure through an Excel plugin

3x the number of items in your cost database

  • scrape online data such as e-shops, public tender results, or public contracts
  • connect your 3rd party databases
  • mine for data in your historic cost estimation files

Boris Szekel

“Costs which we did not have in our database simply started appearing in the takeoff Excel. And they were just like I would do it myself.”
Boris Szekel, Lead Estimator, large construction company

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Like any SAAS, BotX runs in the cloud, so you can access your automation from anywhere.

Pay low monthly fee

4. Pay a low monthly fee

Pricing is based on actual use.

Designed to fit your current workflow

Works well with your current solution

There is no need to replace your current solution.

BotX Cost Estimator works happily in tandem with mostcost estimation solutions and Excel.

Advanced AI with human judgement

When AI confidence drops, you will be asked for human input.

Artificial intelligence knows precisely how confident it is when it makes estimates.

No need to learn a new tool

Unless you want more, then all you get is one button in Excel.

Saving time is not about learning a new tool. It is about having a computer do mundane tasks for you.

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Ladislav Semela

“After we have shared a little about our current tools, process and data, BotX guys were able to give a time and cost estimate right on the call and then proposed an actual solution and budget within the next two days.”
Ladislav Semela, CEO, Semela Ateliers